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Monday, 10 June 2013 17:01

interlock driveway cleaning 2013

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Backed in summer 2012, Rosa and I spent about 15hrs on cleaning her 7 years old interlock driveway by pulling out the weeds on every single gap, and filled it with sand, by the end of the project, we both felt really good.  Except one of the big mistake was that we used the wrong sand.

Well, the 2 bags of sand sitting in the garage says 'all purpose'.  and apparently they got washed out by rain not too long after and the nightmare came back.  So after another hour of 2 of reading on the internet(that's how i found mythos & rini's blog on home diy), I finally realized that there's a special type of sand to use for this kind of job.  Once they filled the gap and you spray water on it, they create the bond and holds the pavers.  They are very often called the polymeric sand, the magic sand, smart sand, and etc ..   the one I chose is called the Envirosand.  

Well, after about 5 hours of hard works by the following steps:

1. wash the gap with power washer.
2. pulling out the weed with help of a flat head screwdriver and hand
3. power wash the gaps again to make sure you got rid of all/most of the soil
4. filling the gap with the enviro sand with brush, blow out the excess
5. mist the drive way with water
6. go with full spray

Done, well, at least a the 20' x 8' area.  

Still got the main drive way that can easily fit 5 cars to go.  That's gonna keep us busy on a few Sundays in the summer.

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