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Thursday, 30 January 2014 01:35

bass di shootout

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I'm fortunate enough to try out some great di box in the past few months.  The classic Avalon U5 and the A-Design Reddi

These are both great recording gears that are famous for tracking bass signals.  

Avalon U5 gives that clean and defined sound.  The 5 passive tone curves are all very efficient.  The bass sits right, and I found it better to bypass the tone circuit.

A-Design REDDI is the monster, I prefer it over the U5.  The tone is that nice and big with plenty of headroom, the tube doesn't really colour the tone like my UA solo-610 tube pre.  I guess the Cinemag transformer they use really makes that difference.

They are both awesome and can get the job done right.  I personally prefer the REDDI

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