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A little update on this year's pedal ... 

Korg Pitchblack -> EBS Multi Comp -> byoc tremolo -> TC Corona chorus -> TC flashback delay -> Hotone Wally looper.

powered by voodoo lab pedal power 2+

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bass di shootout http://tree-style.com/index.php/my-gears/recording/item/330-bass-di-shootout http://tree-style.com/index.php/my-gears/recording/item/330-bass-di-shootout bass di shootout

I'm fortunate enough to try out some great di box in the past few months.  The classic Avalon U5 and the A-Design Reddi

These are both great recording gears that are famous for tracking bass signals.  

Avalon U5 gives that clean and defined sound.  The 5 passive tone curves are all very efficient.  The bass sits right, and I found it better to bypass the tone circuit.

A-Design REDDI is the monster, I prefer it over the U5.  The tone is that nice and big with plenty of headroom, the tube doesn't really colour the tone like my UA solo-610 tube pre.  I guess the Cinemag transformer they use really makes that difference.

They are both awesome and can get the job done right.  I personally prefer the REDDI

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My home setup - Fall 2013 http://tree-style.com/index.php/my-gears/item/313-my-home-setup-fall-2013 http://tree-style.com/index.php/my-gears/item/313-my-home-setup-fall-2013 My home setup - Fall 2013

welcome to my basement.  this is the space where I write, practice, chill, and do some production works most of the time.

took me long enough to get things at the sort of right place.  still far from a more proper setup for more serious works.  waiting for my studio monitor to get back, and might plan on some diy projects on room acoustics.  will see.  

thanks for checking

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My current setup - Summer 13' http://tree-style.com/index.php/my-gears/item/307-my-current-setup-summer-13 http://tree-style.com/index.php/my-gears/item/307-my-current-setup-summer-13 My current setup - Summer 13'

Here's an update of my current live setup.  From a singing competition gig I did at the Hershey Centre, Missisauga on July 6, 2013.

F-bass GK-ready BN5 goes into Roland VB-99 controlled by FC-300.  Using the balanced SUB output from the VB-99 to feed everywhere.  The monitor tech did a decent job so no amp is required, although I brought to the gig on the first day during setup just in case.

Main sound that was being used is still the BN5 itself, plus a little bit of stack synth, some vintage fender modeling, and upright bass modeling.  They all sounded decent and very easy to work with according to the sound men.  The electric guitar patches were very useful so I can start a couple tunes with guitar before the guitarist arrive.  

For those of you who doesn't know much about the VB-99.  It's a guitar modeling / multi-effect processor that works with the Roland GK pickups.  This is a modeling / synthesizer unit and does not contain fancy PCM sounded library like the GR-55.  It has different types of synth and bass/guitar models that you can dial in with your GK ready instruments.  AND, the tracking of it for electric bass is near flawless.  There's no noticeable latency, notes are always accurate and responsive and it hardly makes funny sound.  

For other synth module such as the latest GR-55, some patch just don't really work well for bass with notes below the low A, and that's just the nature of midi triggering process.  Low notes travels slower, and the module needs at 1 cycles of the wave form to recognize the note.  For serious GK bass users, VB-99 is the way to go.  There should be more of them on the 2nd hand market out there for a decent price.  and this unit is very very versatile and highly programmable.

It also works with regular bass, but it's just stupid to use it this way.  

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roland fc-300 http://tree-style.com/index.php/my-gears/item/305-roland-fc-300 http://tree-style.com/index.php/my-gears/item/305-roland-fc-300 roland fc-300

ok, i swear, this will be the last of the series.  found a used fc-300 midi foot controller at local music store at an attractive price.

this completes my gk, vb-99 setup.  it's made for the vg/vb-99 units.  with 1 cat5 wire that supplies 2 way midi communication and power.  it gets the desktop unit gigging ready, of course, with my cheapo stand.  default setting works like a charm already, it provides very easy access to my patches.  the gk vol knob on the bn5 can be assigned to something else such as tone control (i found this the most useful so far).  while i have 1 volume pedal and a 2nd expression pedal that i haven't figured what to use yet.  + 2 more assignable control buttons.  well, anything on this board is programmable.  the vg/vb-99 editor comes with a really good editor to program the fc-300.  they are meant to be together.

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diy stand for vb-99 http://tree-style.com/index.php/my-gears/item/304-diy-stand-for-vb-99 http://tree-style.com/index.php/my-gears/item/304-diy-stand-for-vb-99 diy stand for vb-99

one of the limitation about the vb-99 (and vg-99 for guitar) is that it's a desktop unit, and in order to get it sit at somewhere convenience during a gig, some mounting accessories is required.  There are alot of people like me who doesn't want to spend $150+ to get the stock PDS-10 from roland and decide to go with their own DIY  I was prepared to do the same, but ended up things are way more easier than expected.

Roland PDS-10, recommended by the manufacturer.  Nice chrome look, solid and heavy.  $150+ tax and others.  Most of the owner of this stand love theirs, only complain is the weight. 


And then people started to realize the size the mounting system on VB-99 and VG-99 are actually the same as some drumpads made by roland.  In the other word, people can by the adapters they like and mount them onto any existing stands.


These adapter fits perfectly, but somehow the better looking one cost $49.99 without a stand.  I'm too cheap to affford that.

I was at l&m the other day, and with help from a friend Jack, I was able to find a plastic universal mount($7.99) plus the mini speaker stand.  I first thought some custom works was required to get it on by opening more holes to fit all screws.

2 of them fit perfectly and I'm able to put the 3rd screw on from outside of the edge.  which is pretty solid as is.  a little custom work can be done by filing out 2 slots on the edge so I can have the 4th screw on, but i doubt if that's needed.  it's a 5 minutes work with a round sanding file.

total cost was under $50 after tax.  and i'm satisfied with the result of it.  Some people actually cut a piece of wood as the base plate + more mounting hardwares, but I think mine is cleaner.  The only disadvantage is that currently I'm using regular screws, which means tools are required to remove the mount.  I'll live with it for a while.

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Roland VB-99 http://tree-style.com/index.php/my-gears/item/293-roland-vb-99 http://tree-style.com/index.php/my-gears/item/293-roland-vb-99 Roland VB-99

Latest craigslist hunt in Apr. 2013.  The current ultimate GK modeling multi-effect processor.  This thing can do alot.

Roland's flagship bass processor came out in around 2009.  Dual COSM processing engine which means you can have 2 independent signal chain(sounds) stacked to form the 1 patch.  Which is not something new as in 2013.  However, with a GK equipped instrument(GK3, GK3-B divided pickup) through the 13pin cable.  This box can do the following things:

- polyphonic synth, a synth that works

- bass/guitar modeling, it has upright bass, a few electrics such as jazz, precision, musicman, gibson, hofner, and other custom setup.

- a multi-effect for the bass's magnetic pickup itself

plus you can blend any of the things above.  pretty much everything is tweak-able, way too much imo.

The thing it doesn't do:

it is not a have PCM bank, it doesn't have sample libraries for things such as piano, horn, and other samples or sounds.  You'll required an external sound module / or laptop.

By the way, the tracking on this is flawless, there's no noticeable latency.

Might need to spend quiet sometime playing around, thanks for checking!

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planet waves - ns mini headstock tuner http://tree-style.com/index.php/my-gears/item/213-planet-waves-ns-mini-headstock-tuner http://tree-style.com/index.php/my-gears/item/213-planet-waves-ns-mini-headstock-tuner

pw ns
one of my most recent purchase, and this little toy just made my day.   i've been hearing goods about these little headstock tuners that in these days are getting smaller and more accurate.  personally i was never a fan of such kind of gadget and always always go with a pedal(used to have rack) tuners that mutes your guitar, and use smart phone to tune acoustic instruments, until lately.

i've been hearing goods about these little headstock tuners that in these days are getting smaller and more accurate.  personally i was never a fan of such kind of gadget and always always go with a pedal(used to have rack) tuners that mutes your guitar, and use smart phone to tune acoustic instruments, until lately.

about 10 days after got back from my 3 weeks asia trip, i got a session gig that was previouslly booked, just brought my bass to rehearsal the night before and tunned with my phone.  in the next morning, we drove 1.5hr to the venue with my pedalboard, and basically the only thing i need for the gig is just the tuner, and maybe a compressor.  by the time i open the bag and found out I have everything in the board but the tunner, then realized i pulled it out for another casual gig like month ago.  gladly the guy at the venue was kind enough to lend me their boss tu-2 pedal.  funny enough that i brought all my floor toys just to pretend cool looking and ended up became stupid.  the setup for the night was ampless by the way.  probably won't get screwed up without a tuner, but it's not going to be fun for sure.

this is the story that basically leads me to look into some alternative to stomp boxes, then i found this one from local music store.  $22.99CAD.  brought it home and have it clip on my bn5 and it looked neat.  it's small, clear, and tunes accurate with the instrument unplugged.  these tuner has a piezo pickup at the back that picks up the vibration of the instrument.  only the low b string turns out not as responsive but can work that out by either plugging the string really hard or play a harmonic note.  i also tried it on one of my fretless bass to see how bad my intonation is.  this is just great.  next mission will be trying it out for rehearsal and gigs.

i would still to go with a pedal tuner if possible, i don't think they will be replaced by these headstock ones, just that in these days i really don't feel neccessary for having a rack / benchtop tunner anymore.  all the pedal ones can tune so accurate (+/- 0.5cent), most of them are claimed they are 'true bypass', some has multiple input, and some even tunes all the strings at once.  but wouldn't it be nice to have one of these little guy sitting in the gigbag or stay on th headstock?   at $22.99CAD each.


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tremelo http://tree-style.com/index.php/my-gears/item/147-tremelo http://tree-style.com/index.php/my-gears/item/147-tremelo

byoc tree's tremelofirst attempt on assembling a stomp box.  and this is absolutely fun.

this is the tremolo kit from b.y.o.c. (build your own clone),


based on ea (electronics austrailia) tremolo.  very mild sounding tremolo, even at extreme setting.  true bypass (w/ 3pdt switch).  works well for both guitar and bass.

built time for a noob like me was around 2 hours, the building guide is very well explained and straight forward.  it's not a very complicated kit, total amount of components are less than 30.  lots of fun building  and very rewarding, especially the pedal works on the first attempt.  i'm not very experienced with soldering iron. 


byoc tremolo byoc trem2

for anyone with a soldering iron, and some very basic tools(solder, piler, nipper, screw driver), + the patient to read through the manual can build it.  it's lots of fun.

next plan is about how to finish the housing. 



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bn5 - gk ready http://tree-style.com/index.php/my-gears/item/139-bn5-gk-ready http://tree-style.com/index.php/my-gears/item/139-bn5-gk-ready

fbass bn5 gk-ready

my first thought of the roland gk pickup kit was just about drilling the extra side jack for the 13pin connector and drilling a tunnel under the hex pickup to the control cavity, something that i could mess around with my dremel tool.  apparently i was totally wrong after talking to mr. george furlanettl, the luthier who makes my bass.  and i'm very glad that i live within the driving distance to the fbass shop.

after a couple emails with george, i started to realize the amount of work for this installation is close to ridiculous according to the man.  which includes routing more space in the control cavity, making a new battery compartment, a few more undercuts and tunnels had to be made inside the cavity for all the wires.  and ended up i'm glad i found the right man to do the job instead of messing things up with my dremel too at home.  this order also includes swapping all the hardwares and screws to gold, which makes me sounded better.  

wait time was around 2 weeks, and i had to finish up with the wiring myself just because i'm being cheap and wants to save some money.

battery had been moved to the new compartment, all the wood work had been done.
battery had been moved to the new compartment, all the wood work had been done.

adding the 2 switches, first toggle (dpdt, momentary) for s1/s2 instead of the 2 ugly button, 2nd one for gk/mix/magnetic blend
adding the 2 switches, first toggle (dpdt, momentary) for s1/s2 instead of the 2 ugly button, 2nd one for gk/mix/magnetic blend

with the gk board and all the wires hooked up.
with the gk board and all the wires hooked up.

13pin output jack installed.
13pin output jack installed.

fbass bn5 with roland gk pickup kit

adding the extra gk vol. knob at the end, with the 2 toggle switches
adding the extra gk vol. knob at the end, with the 2 toggle switches

final wiring are quiet straight forward, as long as you read the manual, although my job looked a bit messy, it should last for a short while, and it's fun to go through the wirings on the bn5 its own.  you don't have to be an expert, just go through other diagrams over the internet then you'll have some ideas about what's happening.  now it's time to go back to playing.

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