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Friday, 15 February 2013 17:30

best guitar strap ever

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f bass guitar strap

lucky enough to visit fbass at hamilton, ontario and get to try out their guitar strap.  i'm totally sold, this is a saviour for those of us who has back problem after long hours of playing.

f bass guitar strap in colours

their strap is that good.  i'm a comfortstrap user for year and thought it's a very good one, mainly after a long set, with comfort strap, my back will hurt for the next day instead of 3.  

when i first put on george's strap with a 10lb+ bass, the weight disappeared.  this 3.5" wide, with a 1/2" thick padding leather strap reduced most of the weight.  this is a must have, not every often i get  blown away but it happened.  $80us.  it's a must have, did i just mention that?


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