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my gear

my gear

I'm a gear head who enjoys fancy basses and also lucky enough to try out many many great gears through out the years with help with friends and others.  

From June 2017, I'll try to put in more comments and samples of things I get to play and hopefully this can help someone when they choose gears.

Bottom line, the majority of sound came from the player, and there are NO bad products in the market in these days.  If something doesn't sounded good, it's very often the player's problem.   It took me years of adventures to figure this out, and it's lots of fun.   Now go back to practice your instrument.


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Slap It!

Slap It!

Slap It! by Tony Oppenheim, fun and challenging slapping instruction.   This section shows my progress on Tony's licks, and hopefully can give others some ideas on how some of the licks sounded like .

This book is highly recommended, and for purchase the book, check with your local music store(it's very affordable), or visit 


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60 Melodic Etudes Cover

60 Melodic Etudes Cover

This is another great bass learning material written by John Patitucci.   I basically learnt how to read bass clef from near nothing when I first started.  Each etude are very melodic and challenging, with tons of great licks everywhere.  Also highly recommended.

I was also lucky enough to get to work with Mr. John Patitucci in 2015 and told him that I'm still working on his book.


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Tuesday, 13 February 2018 21:59

Year of Rooster end!

Year of rooster is about to end in a few days, and luckily I've get to grab a few new toys ..    Wish you all the best for the coming year of dog !

Monday, 25 December 2017 06:09

The Christmas Song

Merry Christmas!  this has been a very busy year.   Wish you and your important people can have a safe and happy holiday!

Thursday, 16 November 2017 21:56

Alleva Coppolo KBP5 modified

Latest member of the family, the KBP5 from Alleva Coppolo.  

Friday, 20 October 2017 20:20

Bass Charts

This is probably my most mind blowing found on the internet.

A French bass player has gathered / transcribe a huge load of soul / rnb / funk songs ..

Friday, 08 September 2017 21:02

Review: Fender Marcus Miller Jazz bass


Get to have my hand on a 04' Fender Marcus Miller signature jazz bass that was made in Japan, and here's a few thoughts about it.  

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