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Wednesday, 10 July 2013 19:05

My current setup - Summer 13'

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Here's an update of my current live setup.  From a singing competition gig I did at the Hershey Centre, Missisauga on July 6, 2013.

F-bass GK-ready BN5 goes into Roland VB-99 controlled by FC-300.  Using the balanced SUB output from the VB-99 to feed everywhere.  The monitor tech did a decent job so no amp is required, although I brought to the gig on the first day during setup just in case.

Main sound that was being used is still the BN5 itself, plus a little bit of stack synth, some vintage fender modeling, and upright bass modeling.  They all sounded decent and very easy to work with according to the sound men.  The electric guitar patches were very useful so I can start a couple tunes with guitar before the guitarist arrive.  

For those of you who doesn't know much about the VB-99.  It's a guitar modeling / multi-effect processor that works with the Roland GK pickups.  This is a modeling / synthesizer unit and does not contain fancy PCM sounded library like the GR-55.  It has different types of synth and bass/guitar models that you can dial in with your GK ready instruments.  AND, the tracking of it for electric bass is near flawless.  There's no noticeable latency, notes are always accurate and responsive and it hardly makes funny sound.  

For other synth module such as the latest GR-55, some patch just don't really work well for bass with notes below the low A, and that's just the nature of midi triggering process.  Low notes travels slower, and the module needs at 1 cycles of the wave form to recognize the note.  For serious GK bass users, VB-99 is the way to go.  There should be more of them on the 2nd hand market out there for a decent price.  and this unit is very very versatile and highly programmable.

It also works with regular bass, but it's just stupid to use it this way.  

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