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Saturday, 22 June 2013 17:10

roland fc-300

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ok, i swear, this will be the last of the series.  found a used fc-300 midi foot controller at local music store at an attractive price.

this completes my gk, vb-99 setup.  it's made for the vg/vb-99 units.  with 1 cat5 wire that supplies 2 way midi communication and power.  it gets the desktop unit gigging ready, of course, with my cheapo stand.  default setting works like a charm already, it provides very easy access to my patches.  the gk vol knob on the bn5 can be assigned to something else such as tone control (i found this the most useful so far).  while i have 1 volume pedal and a 2nd expression pedal that i haven't figured what to use yet.  + 2 more assignable control buttons.  well, anything on this board is programmable.  the vg/vb-99 editor comes with a really good editor to program the fc-300.  they are meant to be together.

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