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Friday, 10 February 2012 18:58

pedal board 12'

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tree's pedal board 2012

here's my pedalboard for bass as of early 2012.


this is the setup i've been using for almost a year, i guess i'm most likely done with my bass pedal build. 

signal chain (from top to bottom)

bass guitar
- currently f bass bn5

korg pitch black
- a simple tuner that can mute while tunning 

ernieball vp jr 25k volume pedal(not sure if it's the active or passive version, this pedal belongs to derrick) 
xotic bass bb preamp (over drive)
- a little more control under the foot, not necessary as i always go all the way up, ocassionaly use it for volume swell
vp jr 25k

carl martin compressor/limiter
- after spending sometime with the ebs multicomp, i still like this guy more, very responsive, more controls, and you can get quiet a lot useful compression settings by spending some time with it.
carl martin compressor limiter

ebs bass iq (envelop filter)
- bought used for $80, didn't get to compare with other envelop filters, but when you turn it on, the funky sound is there.
ebs bass iq

tc electronic corona chorus
- very mild sounding chorus, never get to use it in a band setup, but always the fun one when playing alone
corona chorus

tc electronic flashback delay
- lots of options, all work very well with bass guitar, comes with a 60secs looper and that's what i've been playing with the most.  *got these 2 tc pedals for a good price with help from a good friend kurt

radial tonebone bassbone (di, channel switch with different eq curve)
- ultimate tone box, takes 2 guitar input(use as a switch), or 1 input with 2 channels.  this box somehow colorize the tone, many people hate that but i don't dislike it.  the di sounds quiet and smooth, not the top of the line ones, but better than the ones provided by many venues out there.

all the 9v pedals are powered by voodoo lab pedal power 2 plus mounted on pedaltrain jr board
extra powerbar attached on side for the carl martin compressor and the 15v bassbone adapter


eventide pitchfactor
soundblox multiwave bass distortion
mxr bass compressor
avalon u5 di
bae 1073dmp di

feel free to buy me any of these

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