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Wednesday, 04 February 2009 07:41

jackson jdr94 refinished

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jackson jdr94
my first electric guitar that had be ruined ...
spent a year to finish this project. not the best and turned out not as what i expected. well .. 
this is a used japanese made jackson guitar mom paid for me when i was in gr. 10. it used to be black, with rosewood board and black hardwares. a good friend of mine brian (gm4s) kindly gave me his original floydrose bridge and a seymour duncan pickup. sometimes after, i got a x-japan sticker on it ... as i grew older and got funky-er, i've decided to give some changes in 07', and took a year to repaint the body.

 i believe this guitar has basswood body, maple neck, and rosewood board.  with floydrose liscensed bridge and stock jackson pickups.  fast and thin neck.  the body feels small, but somehow i endedup really really hate floydrose system.  this guitar is part of my grewup path.  check out the work in progress by going to the related article on the right.

Playing and tonal wise, this guy has a very thin/fast neck.  The neck is super solid, I never have to adjust the neck in the past 15 years.  The stock pickups are alright.  I still use them and they are alright.  Serious players might want to consider about changing to some high output ones.
jackson jdr94
jackson jdr94jackson jdr94
jackson jdr94

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