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Tuesday, 10 March 2009 16:13

ampeg svt-5 pro with 410hlf

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my ampeg svt-5 pro head, classic 410hlf cabinet, and the korg dtr-2000 tunner.

purchased in summer 06, and this is my heaviest assets which i'm kinda regret of getting after 2 years.  these 2 pieces wegiths more than 130lbs ....    















 beside all the complains, this is an ok sounding amp with tons of power and features.  i run this head mono-bridged which gives 1300watt of power, which gives a better headrrom compared to using one of the poweramp only.

there's only 1 tube in the preamp, the rest are solid states.  this amp has got 2 channels(clean / drive), build in compressor, octaver, the 2 channel can combine with seperated controls.

this amp basically got everything you need.  they're not the best out there, but more than enough.  i tried it with the svt classic all tube head, the classic sounded better, but the svt-5 won with all the features.

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