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Thursday, 16 February 2012 04:34

don - she's gone

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here's a live recording from a bar gig we did backed in 05' sang by dominic sham.

this song is called she's gone, it's the version of amit(a-mei chang)'s 解脫(released) with the oringinal demo lyrics.  don(and/or his friend) found this version of the song in kareoke(one of the live version of amit's released), that the guitarist of her band had a solo intro with this unpluged version leaded into amit's version.  pretty much everyone fell in love with it.

one day don told me he found an official version of the song, i believe it came from a singer/song writer's compiliation or some kind of song writing contest cd, that's the power of the internet.  i think neither of us had digged into more with the background of the song.   

vocal by don, guitar by renzokaren, mixed by tree, and live recorded by tyker ho at tropical island bar(commerce gate) backed in 2005 winter.  we had louder(jim, tyker, chris, tree) as opener, and e(don, pak chin, queenie, niel, renzokaren, vivian, fat-cow, and tree) closing the night.

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