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Thursday, 25 March 2010 10:25

monkey king the musical

chinese musical based on a traditional story 'journey to the west' . not the best production ever, but i was impressed still. the storyline kinda sucks, but all other efforts they got are brilliant.

Tuesday, 09 February 2010 08:27

the worst pop band ever

toronto based music group the worst pop band ever.
these jazz guys play not very very jazz music with interesting sounds. check out their music

(photo was taken on jan 27, 2010 at the rex)



presonus just announced the 24 channels version of the studiolive mixer in the namm show, which is awesome.  16 channels is just slightly not enough for my applications.  but now this is definitely one of the consideration for this year.

let me go through a few things that gets my attention.








Tuesday, 26 January 2010 14:00

markaudio as602 - size matters


something exciting from the italian amplifier/speaker manufacture markaudio.  they're the same group of people who makes the remarkable markbass amps.  not sure if they're new or not, but this is definetly the speaker i'm looking into.  








Tuesday, 28 July 2009 15:36

live setup


my setup of july, 2009.  here's the chain

  • musicman bongo HS
  • squier classic vibe 60's jazz bass
  • ovation acoustic, from mak wai
  • apple macbook
  • motu 828mkii
  • carl martin compressor/limiter
  • line 6 pod x3 live
  • markbass f1
  • markbass traveller 102p

good thing about this setup is that they can be packed and transported in 1 trip when needed(w/o the acoustic gtr),  2 is alot better tho.










Saturday, 30 August 2008 02:44

cbc hockey anthem challenge

here comes speed of service's entry for the cbc hockey anthem challenge. we need your help in order to get into the competition. please check out the cbc's page and help us to build the traffic(views) there.

Thursday, 07 February 2008 18:56

ua 2610 mic preamp

universal audio 2-610 dual channel tube microphone & instrument preamplifier


this is the legendary mic preamp, ever. it opens whatever that goes into it, and just sounded big ...

Thursday, 28 June 2007 03:09

aerosmith x speed of service

hello everyone, my band just entered a campaign to play as the opening band for aerosmith by the end of july and we really need your vote to make this happen. please goto this website here: and vote for my band speed of service the result of the vote will be announced on monday july 16 and the vote can be wait on a daily basis. please help us out.

please visit speed of service's myspage page here at

thanks alot!

Wednesday, 04 April 2007 03:37

final recitals in humber college

watched amy pitt(singer/song writer) and aaron spin(drummer)'s final recitals. great performances. check out their myspace

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