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Tuesday, 14 May 2013 20:47

bullet cable

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bullet coil cable bullet coil cable

i'm a happy bullet coil cable user for years, and recently heard the company probably ran into some difficulties that most retailers were having hard time restocking their products.  well, while getting one for a friend of mine Kurt, i decided to buy another for myself in pink to keep my red one accompanied.

great heaving gauge cable, high quality connector (the housing of the jack is in bullet shape, that's why they're called bullet cable), and great built construction on their connector.  i had a red one from years ago and is still rocking. 

the first time of me seeing these cable were in the g3 concert years ago with Paul Gilbert in the line up.  it was just cool to see all the guitarist/bassist in the band using these cable bouncing on stage. 

sonically, they sounded great.  there can be another essay about the quality of audio cable, and I'm not very interested to go through all of that.  I can hear difference between low quality and normal-high quality ones, but there's always ways to adjust the signal at the amp end.  and the other thing I believe is that you need to change all the cables to good ones in order to archive the pureness of the audio signal.

time to have some fun with my fancy coil pink cable.

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