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Friday, 21 December 2012 20:17

cubasis for ipad

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cubase for ipad, steinberg named it 'cubasis', a daw(digital audio workstation) software on the tablet platform.

at the price of $49.99 from apple app store, steinberg must be very confident with this new release.

based on the screenshot i saw, looked like they had done many things right.  a very thoughtful interface, all the key components are very accessiable and can start tracking on the go instantly.  most recording apps i've tried so far somehow all has a short period of learning curve on where to get what to work.  external accessories are required to connect to a microphone, instrument and midi device but once you're adapted to it then there must be ways to get this mobile setup to work.

althought i still strongly belive a proper keyboard and mouse are required for serious production works, this might benifit alot of electronic music composer to compose on the go.  

very looking forward to try one, will see if it goes on sale during the holiday.










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