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Monday, 16 January 2012 18:48

orange smart power cab

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new year, new technology

orange has made a new 210 and 212 bass cabinets in the size of 110/112 by putting the 2nd speaker behind the first one.  mind blowing, can't wait to check it out in person.  and let's see what other new stuffs are there from the namm show this year.

finally get to tried one if local music store and realized these cabs were being out there for more than a year.  these 2 cubes had been sitting there and not being reconized, shame on me.
hooked up the 210 with the terror bass cab and this thing can get seriouslly loud.  the small cab can produce very balance, smooth, and even tone across the spectrum.  tight bass and crisp treble.  the 212 goes even more deeper.  

didn't get to a/b one with my current markbass f1 + traveller 210, but just by the orange torlex finish itself of these cubes, they just win.

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