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A good friend of mine Jack Feng(piano/keyboard player, composer, arranger) very often comes to my place after dinner to chill and play music.  He teaches me lots good stuffs and constantly show me good music that keeps me blown away ..

Nikolai Kapustin is one of the most under rated Pianist for the longest time in Russia.  Check out his music and his 'maximum voicing'

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Monday, 03 December 2012 20:12

rhythm exercise


a frient of mine jack showed me this exercise sometimes before and i found it very useful and fun to practice anywhere.

this is an exercise that soul and rnb people do to tighten their rhythm and absolutely useful for doing shots in a band setup.  

it's basically counting 1e+a 2 e+a 3 e+a 4 e+a, and hit on the 1 on the 1, e on the 2, + on the 3 and a on the 4.  try it with a metronome.

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keep breathing