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it's the time of the year for a little holiday song:

have a happy and safe holiday season ..  

Cover photo wreath made by Flowerosa creation. -link-

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Pbass mod

Further mods on my favourite Pbass ..     OBP-3 on board preamp was installed years ago, and the 9v battery was squeezed into the cavity ...    things work ..  but replacing battery was always very difficult ..     thanks for my bass buddy Kurt for sourcing me some new toys, and it's time to mess around with the bass further ..  

Objectives for the day are:

  1. Routing a proper battery case cavity
  2. Move the wiring for battery connector
  3. Install new pickup


Purchase of the day ..  

  • Aguilar AG 4P-60 - Link
  • Keith McMillen Batt-o-meter - Link

Thanks for my buddy Kurt for sourcing the stuffs as usual ..

First mission is to route a cavity for the battery box ..   challenge is that I don't have the exact routing template, and thus a template of a Jazz bass pickup is being used to get the 4 corners + 2 straight routes. 

Drilling a pilot hole in several steps then secure the template with tape.


Making a big enough hole to get the router bit in.   

Routing 1 corner at a time, then hold the straight end to route the longer edges.   With the proper template, the process would be 5 times easier.

Result is satisfying, the cavity turned out slightly bigger, but good enough for the first time router user.  (I did it once years ago freehand with dremel ..  it was a total failure. )

And routing is messy ...     damn messy ...      and loud + dusty ..   hear protection and mask are essential for this process.

Not perfectly done, as it's slightly oversize and deep ..   but happy for a first time diy guy ..   time to have some wine after using the power tools.    

The Gotoh 9V batter case fits in nicely.  

Wiring and Pickup Installation 

Tools needed:  screw driver, nipper, electrical tape, soldering iron, and solder.  

Aguilar OBP-3 preamp was installed years ago and the cavity was shielded.  The cavity was slightly widen at the time to fit the 9V battery .    It's not ideal to install something with this much wire on the pickguard as it's hard to have things organized, should've opening a cavity from the back instead.   Also, previously installation didn't cover the battery replacement part and that's the main reason lead to this mod.

Drilling the path to run the 2 wires to the battery box.

New / Old Pickups

Taping foams with double sided tape

Testing battery terminal with alligator clip before connecting.  Testing by turning on the volume, and tapping the pickup magnet with screw driver or any metal piece.  In this case, if 1 way doesn't make a sound, flip the 2 wires.  

Dada ~  

Some rough audio clip was recorded before and after, not a good comparison as I was in a hurry to get things started ..   Will upload them afterward with some of my thoughts of the 2 pickups .. 

Thanks for watching!

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White Christmas White Christmas

Happy Holidays!

Wish you all have a happy and safe time!

Best Regards,


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Where Chau - 相遇太早 Where Chau - 相遇太早

Here's a live recording of the show we did on Feb. 23, 2015 backing a Taiwanese singer Where Chau at the Sound Academy, and also our childhood hero the Powerstation.  still the highlight of the year up to this point.


guitar - Shawn / James

keyboard - Vivian L.

Drum - Vivian A.

Bass - tree

Vocal - Steven / Winona

Thanks to Jack with all his support and 'Scorpion Lens' for uploading this video.

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PMG - Beyond medley PMG - Beyond medley

PMG's Beyond solo medley into 誰伴我闖蕩 on 2015-03-28


Vocal - Gary, Eileen

Key - LV

Drum - AV

Gtr - Brian

Bass - Tree


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Amplifiers - Spring 2015 Amplifiers - Spring 2015

After years with my beloved class-D amps.  It's time to go back to the old school ...  

Few years back I had the ultimate goal of having a decent setup that's movable in 1 trip.  Which I'm pretty satisfied after I got the puma 900 ..    However, my evil brother Chris had convinced me again to tubes and transistors ...    glad to find this svt-2pro head ...  this natural tube compression is pretty damn exciting ...   now it's time to find a cab to go with it.  any suggestions?


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tremol-no tremol-no

A little accessory I recently added to my old Jackson jdr94.  

This is a little toy designed for double locking guitar bridge system (eg. floyd rose).  

For the longest time, I'm never a whammy bar person ...  it just happened to be on my first electric guitar that I bought used in around 1998-1999 ..     later on the original bridge was swapped to an original floydrose bridge (from my good friend Brian).  but keeping this guitar is tune was always not a fun thing to do ..   especially when doing recording ..  

some years after, i got to install a set of hipshot locking tunner ..    which help, but still not really nailing the problem ...  

until recently, a friend of mine who work in the local music store Shawn, who helped me to get this little thing that locks the floating bridge ..   and I can't be any happier with the tunning after owning this guitar for more than 15 years ...   

This gadget locks the bridge to 2 main modes .   one is dive only, which you can only press the whammy bar down ..  and the other one is the hard tail mode, which it totally locks the bridge ..     well ..   i can't be anymore happier ...  

goole tremol-no to find out more about this toy ..  


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Cavity Shielding Cavity Shielding

here's some guideline for electronic and pickup cavity shielding with copper tape.


so, why do we need to shield the cavity?
- the answer is: to reduce hum and noise.  The most common causes for hum and noise on an electric bass are either improper grounding, or bad shielding.  Or there could be defective part or components on the electronic itself.

My scenario this time is that the after the bass had been plugged into an amp, there was hum whenever my hand left the string or hardware.  Then the hum was gone once I had my hand placed on the string, or metal parts such as bridge, tunner, or output jack plate.  This tells me that the bass is grounded properly, and it was actually my body that was receiving all these interferences that affects the electronic of the instrument.

The concept of shielding is to use the copper tape to make a box around the pickup and electronic.  This metal box is then connected to the ground wire so it blocks all the interferences and dump the noise and signal to the earth ground.  All cavity shield are connected with wire.

let's check out the pictures:

cavity shielding - tree style

cavity shielding - tree style

cavity shielding - tree style

cavity shielding - tree style

cavity shielding - tree style

cavity shielding - tree style


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more fret polishing / fretboard oiling more fret polishing / fretboard oiling

Thanks to my lovely wife for giving the approval for this new member.  The Fodera MG Standard Imperial 5

Let's start with some maintenance before we started ..

unstring all
start from taking the strings off

taping the fingerboard
Covering the fretboard

rubbing the fret with metal polish
rubbing the frets with metal polish

rubbing the fingerboard with alcohol
rubbing the fingerboard with alcohol

apply lemon oil onto the fingerboard
applying lemon oil onto the fretboard ..

After that, wiping the oil with towel, then do a clean up wipe on the entire body ...      here comes a happy instrument again ..

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Dean Markley SR2000 Dean Markley SR2000

New string try out day for BN5 ..     Dean Markley SR2000

I don't often use string other than the f-bass / la bella supersteps.  Tried Sadowsky steele string on BN5 once and I took it out after a weekend .  

SR2000 was suggest by a Taiwanese session bassist (master Pumpkin) who's currently in Beijing ..  and I got to find these strings during my mini-honey moon trip this year in California.

Here's my thoughts after I put on these strings 

  • tapered E and B makes them ready to go ..  the change was painless 
  • Less string/hand noise all over
  • Strings bounce nicely
  • low to low-mid sounded bigger and fuller
  • hi sounded a little brittle

Maybe it's still new but it's definitely a fun move that's worth to try.

I've talked to master Pumpkin after then he pointed out there's some quality issues with these strings ..  and that happens when he buy 20sets , 1 or 2 sets had some issues, then he switched to the SS series also by Dean Markley, apparently SS has less Hi.  Well, that's how the pros buy strings.    I'm totally satisfied with my first pack, and have a 2nd one standing by.  What is your favourite string?

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