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Thursday, 19 March 2015 21:32

Db major scale etude

6th song on the book: John Patitucci's 60 melodic etudes, 54 more to go ...   Just went through the Db one with 5 flats on the staff.  Still very challenging, as I mostly memorized the song instead of sight reading it ... 

Tuesday, 08 July 2014 21:42

Fodera - Matthew Garrison Standard

fodera matthew garrison standard

Fodera Matt Garrison Standard  

- Walnut body / Alder tone block

- Pau Ferro fingerboard

- Neck-thru

- 3pc Hard rock Maple neck

- Box Elder Burl top

- 33" Scale

- 26 frets

- 17.5mm string spacing

- 5 String from E to C

- Fodera/Pope preamp

- Fodera/Duncan Dual Coil pickups

- Ebony Ramp

- Hipshot drop D tuner 

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