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Monday, 24 July 2017 21:00

Gigging Essential

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Being a freelance bass player for quiet a few years, loading everything in 1 trip had been my main goal when playing live and I think I've done it okay.  My setup started with an all tube Ampeg rig w/ 4x10" mini fridge and kept going down to a few little things.  Hopefully this can give you some idea when choosing gears!



  • Moonrise STD-EC bass
  • Tecamp Puma 900 and XS112
  • TS Patch chords 10', 6"
  • Gigbag - Moonwalk M-1L hybrid gigbag
  • Tuner - the most important pedal
  • Guitar stand
  • Music stand
  • Music light with USB charger
  • Music or tablet

Beside the cabinet, everything fit into the gigbag, and it's just brilliant.  This Moonwalk gigbag had been my favourite bag lately.  It's not one of those heavy duty bag for Airline uses, but for anyone that travels within the city.  This rigid bag provides great protection to your instrument, and has tons of storage spaces.   The outter bag is also detatchable into a bag pack .   Everything on this photo fit into this backpack, and only bring it with me when I have an Upright bass gig.   


These gigbag will soon become available in North America.  Stay tune!




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