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Saturday, 21 February 2015 22:50


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A little accessory I recently added to my old Jackson jdr94.  

This is a little toy designed for double locking guitar bridge system (eg. floyd rose).  

For the longest time, I'm never a whammy bar person ...  it just happened to be on my first electric guitar that I bought used in around 1998-1999 ..     later on the original bridge was swapped to an original floydrose bridge (from my good friend Brian).  but keeping this guitar is tune was always not a fun thing to do ..   especially when doing recording ..  

some years after, i got to install a set of hipshot locking tunner ..    which help, but still not really nailing the problem ...  

until recently, a friend of mine who work in the local music store Shawn, who helped me to get this little thing that locks the floating bridge ..   and I can't be any happier with the tunning after owning this guitar for more than 15 years ...   

This gadget locks the bridge to 2 main modes .   one is dive only, which you can only press the whammy bar down ..  and the other one is the hard tail mode, which it totally locks the bridge ..     well ..   i can't be anymore happier ...  

goole tremol-no to find out more about this toy ..  


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