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Tuesday, 08 July 2014 21:42

Fodera - Matthew Garrison Standard

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fodera matthew garrison standard

Fodera Matt Garrison Standard  

- Walnut body / Alder tone block

- Pau Ferro fingerboard

- Neck-thru

- 3pc Hard rock Maple neck

- Box Elder Burl top

- 33" Scale

- 26 frets

- 17.5mm string spacing

- 5 String from E to C

- Fodera/Pope preamp

- Fodera/Duncan Dual Coil pickups

- Ebony Ramp

- Hipshot drop D tuner 

Latest member of my family ...    it's simply amazing ..   made by the best luthier with the highest craftsmanship you can imagine.  

This is a very organic, musical and versatile sounding instrument.  the shorter 33" scale makes it very difficult to put down.  Pope preamp with duncan dual coil pickup are just made for each others ...   lots of variations on the preamp too ...    

this piece does cost quiet a bit, but they are that much better where others can't archive (at this moment at least) .

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