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Tuesday, 10 June 2014 20:38

fret polishing / fretboard oiling

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beside wiping the body / neck once in a while, there are a little more we can do at our own at home that will keep the instrument at the best condition.  and these few things take about 30mins in total.  

materials needed:

- Lemon oil
- Masking tape
- Metal polish / rubbing compound
- towel
- paper towel
- guitar polish

my steps are:

  1. release the strings
  2. wipe the fretboard with dry towel to remove the dust
  3. apply a thin layer of lemon oil over the entire fretboard
  4. let the oil sit for 10 minutes
  5. wipe the oil off with paper towel
  6. wipe the oil off with towel / DONE
  7. cover the fretboard alone with the fret with masking tape to make sure the dusts from metal polish don't fall onto the fretboard
  8. with a little metal polish applied on a paper towel, gently rub over the frets and apply a bit of force if needed.
  9. repeats step 8 for all frets 
  10. remove masking tape
  11. wipe the entire instrument with guitar polish with 2 pieces of clean towels
  12. restring / DONE



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