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Here's my cover of Stevie Wonder's version of For Once In my Life from 1968 .   Motown classic recorded by Stevie and the Funk Brothers .   My favorite bass line of all time where Darling Dear comes 2nd.


Still a bit messy after the key changes ..   should do a version 2 sometimes later.  

Backing track is from the Standing in the Shadow of Motown book.  Recorded on a Fender Precision with LaBella flatwound string in standard gauge.  

 优酷 / youku link here

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Bass cover - Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing Bass cover - Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing

My cover of another Motown classic by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

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Bass Cover - The Awakening Bass Cover - The Awakening

My first attempt on learning a slap based song ...    

this is a live version of Les Claypool's famous bass solo piece  "The Awakening" .   I have had this mp3 file in the computer for at least 10 years ..  never thought about working on it until few month ago I heard a kid in a local music store playing this tune ..  

Although Les' style in Primus is not my personal favourite, he does have a very unique sound.  The Awakening is one of the cleaner one that you actually get to hear his funkiness .  it's a fun piece to work on.  

Youku user:

Attached in this post is the chart I transcribed .  it's not the most accurate but should give you some ideas for the basic groove and structure.

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Les' Awakening - pt1 Les' Awakening - pt1

The suhr 60's humphrey pickup set does open up the bass.  except the ugly look.  let's try to slap the bass and see.


youku -

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Bass cover - Darling Dear Bass cover - Darling Dear

my first attempt on covering this song.  best bass line ever ..   


 the bass line was originally played by the one and only James Jamerson .   there's no repeat on any bar in the song and it sings alone with the melody of the song.  this is definitely a milestone of bass history.

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Bass cover - Just the two of us Bass cover - Just the two of us

Here's my play on doing Just the two of us with the looper on my TC Flashback delay pedal.

The structure of the play is stolen from Anthony Wellington .

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Ain't No Mountain High Enough Ain't No Mountain High Enough

My attempt for another Motown classic by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.

Sorry about the quality of the backing track, should had played on top of the original record to catch that feel.

I found it challenging to get into the pocket on the overall rhythm as the song is mainly driven by Jamerson's bassline.  Lots of details on the original tune to listen to on how Jamerson pushing the rhythm.  Another great song ruined by my playing.


Youku version


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september - bass cover september - bass cover

here's my version of earth wind and fire's september ..    great funky disco tune from the 70's ..   just realized i messed up with the part order in the middle of the song ..  lol

original bassline played by verdine white from ewf, the original recording is funny, you can actually hear him being messed when the band goes into the a groove.  yes, it's messed up yet still the classic.

setup was bn5 direct into apogee one with amp sim in logic.  backing track is from a midi file with random instrument from logic.  i believe that's the only midi that's been out there after trying 3-4 different files from different site.  

youku version

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i want you back - bass cover i want you back - bass cover

here's my version of another motown classic i want you back by jackson 5.  

original bass line played by wilton felder

still trying to get used to the heavy flatwound string, let me know your thoughts.  *i think i finally found the better way to compress videos.  

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what's going on - bass cover what's going on - bass cover

here's my cover version of the motown classic - what's going on by marvin gaye tribute to bob babbitt.

the original version was played by james jamerson, and this is probably one of his best reconized song.  there were stories about james jamerson got into the studio late and drunk and ended up he did the cut by laying down on the floor.  there was also story about that the bassline of this song was written by a motown arranger but in jamerson style.  this is a real good song.  just wish i could do it better.

the tune was done with a squier classic vibe 60' p bass with labella flatwound string plugging to apogee one and recorded in logic with mark studio plug-in.  backing track came with the book 'standing in the shadow of motown'.

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