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22/01/2015 - 04:33

Bass Cover - The Awakening

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My first attempt on learning a slap based song ...    

this is a live version of Les Claypool's famous bass solo piece  "The Awakening" .   I have had this mp3 file in the computer for at least 10 years ..  never thought about working on it until few month ago I heard a kid in a local music store playing this tune ..  

Although Les' style in Primus is not my personal favourite, he does have a very unique sound.  The Awakening is one of the cleaner one that you actually get to hear his funkiness .  it's a fun piece to work on.  

Youku user:

Attached in this post is the chart I transcribed .  it's not the most accurate but should give you some ideas for the basic groove and structure.

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