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1/100 MG kit from year 2001, features die-cast hip and ankle joints for stability.  

small modifications are lifting the shoulder joints, pushing out chest armors by 1.5mm, and also putting in neodymium magnets inside the fin funnels for better stability, and it works surprisingly well.  


this kit is also dedicated to my friend Don


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RX-78-2 Ver. 2.0

mg rx78 ver. 2.0


1/100 mg grandpa gundam ...   with the nice dumb anime look (somehow) ..    fun one to build ..    only custom work was gluing/ filling up the chest piece to get that little more retro look ..        photo with iPhone in bad house light .. . 


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char's zakuII

one of the earliest zaku from late 70’s, i got it as a christmas gift from a friend. on and off it took me around 5 month to finish it up which is around 10-12hrs in total. it’s actually very fun to build a old school kit like this. what i did was chopping up the arm and legs and setting the pose by scratch building these ugly joints. it’s just hard to make this kit more stupid so i would say this is a good practice for basic modifications. 

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my first 1/144 hguc kit bought with hyaku shiki backed then. this is the kit that made me realize how important having a glossy smooth surface before applying panel lines. the kit was pretty much ruined backed then since i couldn't wipe out the paints on the matte white finish. sometimes later i did it again in this van halen finish after reading some magazines and it was left as this eversince ..

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my first master grade kit bought and built backed in 1996. it is also the first kit that i spray painted. with primer .. 

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sd evil star

the 'evil star big general'(魔星大將軍) from one of the sd serie. this is the musha version of master gundam from gundam g and this kit got tons of fun to play with. this is also one of my very first air brushed work, and luckily it's still in a pretty much completed shape althought i lost all other accessories it came with. 


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4th mg kit by bandai made in around 97(hope i remember this right), this is actually my first serious airbrush kit. but the result didn't turn out too exciting in the first place since not much preparations were really being done. so sometimes later, not too long after i finished the old mg gp02 kit. i did the post shading thing again on it, but the result turned out not so decent .. and that solids my mind for not doing post shading for the rest of my life on gundams. 

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zaku II

my 2nd mg kit built in 1996, fully hand painted with tamiya acrylic. i was just so proud that time for getting that char's red. i think this is the kit made me figure that putty is useless unless you glue the 2 pieces together

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my first air brush work and for the first time i post-shade the kit. turned out like it was being in a kitchen for years. i was actually very proud when i first did it and that's how i built gundams in those early highschool years. ha .. 
then the point of view finally changed after years after seeing donny from gk2000's builts on a hong kong based forum. check out his great works at, and also the other mg gp02 i built in 2006 from the 'related link' at the bottom.

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z gundam c3

volks solid art version zeta gundam 1/100 scale, sculpted by bon oishi and was released in one of the c3-pre show years ago. this is the best z gundam ever in my opinion. i was blown away when i first saw the picture of it on the internet, and it was in my wish list for the longest time
took a while to finish it up, and as usual, things went into rush by the end of the process because i will be moving again soon and need to start packing things up at home so i'd rather finish it up instead of putting it backed to the box for another few years. anyways, the build is not the best but building this kit is just like the dream come true to me.


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