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Friday, 08 July 2016 05:01

Rx77-2 Guncannon ver. Revive pt. 0

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Impressed by these new hguc revive kits.  Fairly simple but well engineered. 

total time spent on this snap built was around 1.5hrs include trimming and sanding.

it's probably a good time to move into 1/144 now .


after years of building gunplas .. .   this is the fastest snap build method for me so far ..  

Tools being used are:

  • Nipper - rough
  • Nipper - fine
  • xacto knife
  • sand paper
  • sanding sponge

wip ...  


dada ~

battle in action ..   mix with robot damashis and rg .. .  the robot damashi rx78 and zaku are highly recommanded ...    way too much fun 


nu gumdan coming soon

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