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Friday, 05 September 2008 20:55

wip - kog with buster launcher pt.1

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volks 1/100 super spirit seriew(sss) knight of gold with version 3 with buster launcher. oringinally released in aug. 2001(the manual says 2002) my end of the year project.


the motivation to start this kit came from the fss group build on one of the hobby forum. i remember it was sometimes very early this year. so hopefully i can get it done in these few months.
sculpted by 大石凡 (Bon Oishi) from volks. and this is definetly one of the most impressive kog ever. bought this kit online on some private sales, and it is a recast from hong kong. not the best quality but still workable. 85 parts, oringinal cast is sold for 24800 yen.

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