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Monday, 21 April 2014 14:51

ims led mirage inferno napalm

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volks had finally shipped out the first batch to whoever that pre-ordered them early last year.

the pre-order special includes an extra sword, and a piece of water decal .

very tempting made ..   37 runners in 6 colours for 806 parts.    not a real fan of the milky transparent armor ..  but i think only the real hardcore builder would appreciate the armors to be transparent ..     well ..  the milky white armor might work for me ... lol ..

btw, transparent parts are pain in the arse to work with as they are very hard and brittle.

this is a very impressive design and engineering.  this is a milestone in fss history.  well ..  it took volks more than a year to get it in production, and remind you that they already had the sav made few years backed.  

public release date would be June 28, 2014 for 22,000 yen .

Someone started their WIP here:  

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