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Wednesday, 04 April 2012 15:55

volks ims led mirage ver. 3 inferno napalm

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 led vw ims

my first hobby relate article for the year.  althought i don't get to work on anything, and most of my stuffs are currently sitting in the storage.  this is something really impressive.  volks is making a ims version of the inferno napalm.

 ims - injection assembly motar headd series is the product line from few years ago where they make their resin mechas into plastic injection kits like gundams.  the design makes more sense than the old mm series because of the weight of the material.  appearently they had pretty good success with the 5 kits they've released so far.  

check out the new inferno napalm.  it's just impressive.  movable skeleton with details + outside armor + inferno napalm equips.   now i really wonder how they'll make the semi-transparent armors.

i think i'm still in the resin world when it comes to fss, well ..  hopefully one day i can finish up the kits i've got in the inventory.  and glad that i did built a inferno napalm years ago.

update: 2012-04-18

a website is now taking pre-order, 24000 yen.

update: 2012-05-01
check out the links at the bottom of this page *info came from decor @ hobbyfanatics

update: 2012-05-06
some new found

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