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Friday, 05 August 2016 18:51

RX-93 Nu Gundam

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Sunday, 10 July 2016 04:57

Wip - nu gundam

Spent 2hrs today to get most of the colours done.  Painting exterior details next. 

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Tuesday, 10 May 2016 19:03

WIP - Nu Gundam pt. 1

Here's my first hobby project of 2016 ...   life definitely has gotta a lot more busier.   

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015 04:16

RX-78-2 Ver. 2.0

mg rx78 ver. 2.0

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014 22:27

sazabi ver. ka - pt2

the snap/built process took aprox. 5 hours in total, similar to the nu gundam, lots of small parts to form the armour, but this is an impressive kit indeed ..

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